Dr. iur. Marco Ronzani Dr. iur. Marco Ronzani

Dr. iur. Marco Ronzani

is founder of Ronzani Company and an experienced consultant and speaker who works internationally in solution focused organizational development and he coaches CEOs, executives, teams, couples and families. He specializes in initiating and amplifying lasting change in behaviour, attitude, habit and organizational culture. more ...

Marco Ronzani has a vast experience also as lawyer, professional negotiator and conflict mediator and as a trainer and teacher.
He studied law and philosophy in Basel and Bologna and was a researcher for several years at the Max Planck Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology in Freiburg/Br. Germany. He earned his PhD in Law  (Dr. iur.) from the University of Basel.
He holds both Italian and Swiss citizenships and works in german, english an italian.

lic. iur. Franziska von Blarer lic. iur. Franziska von Blarer

lic. iur. Franziska von Blarer

Ist Gründungsmitglied von Ronzani Company. Sie ist Juristin und als Theaterpädagogin, lösungsfokussierte Beraterin und Coach tätig. In den Projekten von Ronzani Company arbeitet sie am liebsten mit Mitteln des Theaters und systemischen Strukturaufstellungen. more ...

Sie hat Jura an der Universität Basel studiert und einige Zeit in der Bundesverwaltung Beschwerden beantwortet. An der Schauspielakademie in Zürich wurde sie zur Theaterpädagogin ausgebildet. Sie leitet Workshops für Auftrittskompetenz und ist Coach bei Auftritten von Führungspersonen und Teams. Sie führt Regie, spielt als Schauspielerin, entwickelt und leitet kulturelle Projekte. Sie ist spezialisiert auf systemische Strukturaufstellungen für den Kreativbereich. Franziska von Blarer | Kultur und Coaching. eMail senden

Peter Szabo MCC Peter Szabo MCC

Peter Szabo MCC

As an executive coach Peter specializes in brief coaching processes for leaders who seek sustainable results with minimal intervention. For Ronzani Company he is mainly involved in organizational development projects. more ...

Peter works with top executives of international corporations and supports change projects all around the globe.

He is founder and Senior Vice President of SolutionSurfers International, based in Switzerland. The company provides coach training services on four continents and in eight languages. Surfing on solutions has also become Peter’s passion on ocean waves since the age of 50: making best use of the existing forward moving forces.
Peter holds a Doctorate of Law degree and is Master Certified Coach with the ICF (International Coach Federation). Since eight years Peter is member of the ICF assessment team for the professional certification of coaches.
Peter Szabó is co-author of “Brief Coaching for Lasting Solutions” and “Coaching plain and simple”. His books and papers have been translated into 12 languages.

Alex Tan Alex Tan

Alex Tan

is the founder of Insights Vantage and also the founding partner of Strengths Innovation Asia. Based in Malaysia Alex has more than 12 years experience in Leadership Development and Solution focused organizational development. As Certified Solution-Focused Coach (CSFC) his work has shaped him into a specialist in the Strength-based Leadership and Solution-Focused approaches. more ...

Currently he is fondly known as a Strength Solutionist, where he asserts his passion in helping others raise their awareness and understanding about their personalities and innate strength.  His forte is in the area of Organizational Development where he specializes in developing and implementing customized solutions to drive organizational performance. Part of his consulting engagements include helping organizations to Identify, Assess and Groom performing individuals and teams, Design Customized Training Program, identify best Behaviour Change Solution-Focused Intervention Methodologies, administer Intervention Sustainability Methodologies. Alex’s ultimate aim is to help individual, teams and organization optimize their performance and at the same time create a healthier working environment. send a eMail

Gesa Niggemann-Kasozi Gesa Niggemann-Kasozi

Gesa Niggemann-Kasozi

Gesa Niggemann-Kasozi
Is entrepreneur and founder of changes! Organisational Development-Coaching and Training. She works internationally as a consultant and coach and accompanies long and short term change projects.
more ...

She works in multinational enterprises and family businesses in different industry sectors as well as in the social sector with teams and families. As a trained newspaper jounalist and with a degree in social sciences she emphasizes the meaning of language and communication in change processes. Her training sessions are entertaining and surprising, as a coach she is known for an empathetic and challenging style. A longterm creative cooperation in the worldwide network association of consultants working with solution focus connects her to Ronzani Company. She works in german and english.

Brigitta Mangold Brigitta Mangold

Brigitta Mangold

Brigitta Mangold ist seit 1999 als Office-Managerin von Marco Ronzani und Ronzani Company tätig. Sie ist Ansprechsperson für alle Fragen und Anliegen unserer Kunden. eMail senden