Initiate permanent changes

We set our attention in a solution-focused style to support and accompany our clients, in the initiation of changes that they wish to develop and implement. We are keen that the initiated development process quickly takes hold among the people in your organization. more ...

This works best when the people who are part of the changes are actively involved. Thus, the process can continue to develop and evolve, independent of our presence. This leads to more lasting and permanent change.

Our contributions are usually short, selective and preferential where the desire for change and the interest are the greatest. In comparison to conventional management consulting, our consulting processes are not only surprisingly slim, but also very effective because we work in a solution-focused style building on the clients strengths and resources.

In our approach, we systematically support and encourage our customers, to (re)activate their knowledge and skills to fully utilize it in a new way. Experience shows that companies and organizations that can develop and use their own internal comprehensive knowledge usually need to buy very little or only targeted external knowledge. Accordingly, no costs and risks of implementing foreign knowledge and know-how occur during our consultation processes.

Our particular strength

is the initiation of changes and developments in corporate and organizational culture. For this, we rely on the experience of the solution-focused triggering of stance and attitude change in individuals, groups and teams, and the spread of self-organized behavioral changes. more ...

Several processes play an essential role, which interrupt unfavorable assumptions and beliefs and un-useful thought and behavior patterns and replaced them by other, more favorable ones. It is crucial for the success that the members of the organization or company to develop, expand and establish new beliefs and patterns for themselves. This approach ensures that new developments fit the customer's system, because they have created them for themselves.

Development of a solution-focused, resource-oriented organizational and corporate culture

Customers who work with us are usually also interested in taking over the resource-oriented and solution-focused approaches and techniques that we apply during our consulting for their specific needs in order to anchor them in their organizational or corporate culture. more ...

We have learned from our customers that this is also the simplest, most elegant and most effective way to consistently apply solution focusing to culture development processes.

Here we merge and complement our consulting and coaching processes with solution-focused learning for organizational and corporate life. What can come of it, is a solution-focused, organization and resource-oriented enterprise. This is fundamentally different from problem-analytical, deficit-oriented organizations. The change from a dependent, pressure-driven and manipulative organization to an appreciative organization becomes possible.

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Training Change Agents



Wir bringen fruchtbaren Rahmen, wirksame Fragen und Instrumente, nützliches Wissen und inspirierende Inputs, die den Denk- und Handlungsrahmen erweitern.


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