As a lawyer, I advise you in legal matters and represent your interests to others.

Win your adversary as partner and pave the way for shared solutions. Together, we clarify and acknowledge the facts, fully and completely explore the legal framework and then set appropriate goals that represent a win-win for both parties. more ...

You are able to make clear decisions that can be converted into effective actions. Further, I support you in increasing your knowledge and experience of the law and appropriate legal action – thus protecting you and your interests. And, everyone does their best to ensure that the objectives are achieved.

A lawyer who is also a professional coach

provides not only effective legal advice but also works with you to discover and meet the underlying interests of all parties. more ...

Solution Focused coaching helps to generate alternative strategies that work for everyone, that may otherwise remain hidden. By using non-violent communication techniques, it is possible that you and the others are able to see each other as partners. You can then begin to develop and achieve common goals together.


which negiotition strategy brings most benefits: more ...


A. Fighting

B. Giving in

C. Being generous

D. Cooperation


Take each strategy and verify which if the goals mentioned below you can achieve. For each achievable goal give one point. If you are not sure wether you can achive the goal give half a point. Ad up the points and cpmpare the results.


1. You get what you want.

2. The other gets what he/she wants.

3. The relationship between both gets better.

4. You use the time efficiently.

Send me a mail with the result and let you surprise: eMail 


Individuals, groups, organizations, businesses, families and siblings. All who need increased protection and discretion for such cases as mobbing, bossing, stalking or threats.

Accreditations and Memberships

As a lawyer registered in the Lawyer Register of the Canton Basel-City. Member of the Swiss Law Association, the Bar Association of Basel-City and the Democratic Lawyers of Switzerland. Member of the Chamber of Commerce of Basel-City and Basel-Land.


Dr. iur. Markus Schülin, lawyer and notary public, Basel, marriage- and (probate) inheritance-related matters, for company law matters, company start-ups and mergers and for all notarial services. Send mail to
Lic. iur. Jürg Tschopp, lawyer, Basel, addressing property damage and accidents, for liability-, accident-, and insurance issues. Send mail to
Lic. iur. David Schnyder, Lawyer, Basel, adressing civil and criminal matters. Send mail to