Dr. Marco Ronzani Dr. Marco Ronzani

Dr. Marco Ronzani

is an experienced consultant and speaker who works internationally in solution focused organizational development and he coaches CEOs, executives, teams, couples and families. He specializes in initiating and amplifying lasting change in behaviour, attitude, habit and organizational culture. Marco Ronzani has a vast experience as lawyer, professional negotiator and conflict mediator. He is a sought-after keynote conference speaker and leads seminars, workshops, and systemic structural constellations.


Ronzani Marco holds both Italian and Swiss citizenships, studied law and philosophy in Basel and Bologna and was a researcher for several years at the Max Planck Institute for Criminal Law and Criminology in Freiburg/Br. Germany. He earned his PhD (Dr. iur.) from the University of Basel, with a dissertation on the “Disfunctionality of Criminal Law in Environmental Protection”.
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In 1994, after living in Italy and the USA, he opened a law firm in Basel with colleagues focusing on criminal defense.


Marco Ronzani advanced his training in professional negotiation, conflict management and mediation and assumed his first mediation mandate in 1998. He learned the practice of Organizational Development in 2001/2002 with Friedrich Glasl (Trigon OD Workshop) and in 2002 he received his first OD advisory agreement (post-merger integration of an Italian company with a German-Swiss company). He met Marshall Rosenberg in 2003 for the first time, and learned "non-violent communication" from him and integrated it into his own methodology. In 2005, he met Matthias Varga von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer and, with them, completed a 4-year training in systemic consulting/coaching with an emphasis on Systemic Structural Constellations. In 2006, he met Insoo Kim Berg, and was introduced by her, Yvonne Dolan and Luc Isebaert to the Solution Focus Approach and this completed the paradigm shift from problem analysis to a solution focus. Marco Ronzani shaped his own highly original and effective consulting and coaching processes that combine solution focus, non-violent communication, systemic consulting and work with Systemic Structural Constellations. In 2008, he left the law firm and founded Ronzani Company for solution-focused development, a network for solution focused-specialists.


Marco Ronzani works in German, Italian and English.


Marco Ronzani is married to Franziska von Blarer and is the father of two adult children: a daughter and a son. He lives in Basel, Switzerland.