Ronzani Company

is a network of excellent solution-focused specialists that advises and supports companies and organizations worldwide for challenging changes and developments. We do that consistently in a solution-focused and resource-oriented style (after Steve de Shazer/Insoo Kim Berg) because we are fascinated by the simplicity, elegance and effectiveness of this approach.


Organizations and small to medium size companies from all sectors and industries. All topics.


Ronzani Company for solution focused Organizational Development was founded in 2008 by Marco Ronzani. Precursors were Ronzani Organizational Development (2002-2008) and Ruppen and Ronzani Organizational Development (2004-2008). In the beginning (2002), Brigitta Mangold, Dominik Ruppen, Ralf Tietze and Franziska von Blarer were involved. Tank you all for the support.